Is It Here? Is It Now? ….Why yes, the video for Now is now here!

A long and dark winding dirt road to a house in the middle of a clearing.

Dark suits, pink dress, and loud music.

A lone camera follows the action as the song plays on…

Hunger, a startled pizza delivery guy, success.

We hope you like it.

Below is the link to it on – so there might be a commercial first… But MTV!

Directed by William S. Davis
Yellow Arrow Film, Inc.
Director of Photography: Erik Murphy
Editor: Bradlee Crawford Hicks
1st AD: Nicole Driscoll
Production Coordinator: Ruth Duncan
Playback: Erica Thomsen
Production Assistants: Elijah Kroener, Gabbie Reynolds

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped make this happen!!

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