The long wait is over… Eclectica is now in the world

This CD has been years in the making and the songs were battle tested across the US, Canada, and Europe.

We got to work again with Jesse Clasen, and also London Bridge Studio, Filippo Gaetani (while in Italy), and the one and only Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and on). It’s called Eclectica and it is 10 Songs that we can’t wait for you to hear.

We hope you like it.

Electica - by Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Electica – by Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Available Now at these online locations: Amazon * iTunes * BandCamp

We’d like to give a huge thanks to the folks that have published some early reviews, and given us 9* out of 10s! We are blushing a little over here.

“Focused songwriting and lack of any self-indulgence backs up this evidence of a band that never wastes their listeners’ time. 4/5 Stars.” Eclectica CD Press from Skope!

“elixir for anyone who thinks top shelf rock music is a dead issue and a worthy purchase  9 out of 10 stars.” Eclectica CD Press from IAA:

“buried within these spires of cacophonic rock n’ roll plunder are melodies worth etching to memory for eternity  9 out of 10 stars.” – Eclectica CD Press from Band Blurb

“If rock n’ roll isn’t dangerous and mysterious enough for you anymore, Eclectica should give you the fix that you’ve been sorely lacking. 9 out of 10 stars.” Eclectica CD Press from Music Existence

“…dangerous rock n’ roll that’s hotter than a furnace… 9 out of 10 stars.” Eclectica CD Press from

Upcoming Show/Regional Tour Dates


  • 4 May : The Hideout : Toronto, ON : Canadian Music Week


  • 12 June : Cox Rocks! Stage : Fairfax, VA : Celebrate! Fairfax
  • 5 July :  Summerfest : Milwaukee, WI : Uline Warehouse Stage

[– last updated 22 May 2016]

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Official Upcoming Release: “Whitfield, Nebraska” Soundtrack

We are super excited to announce that the online of release of the “Whitfield, Nebraska” Soundtrack is now available as sneak preview for our fans in advance of the official Spring 2016 Worldwide Release!

Some of you will notice that the songs on this CD are both old and new. That’s because they were curated specifically for the “Whitfield, Nebraska” novel and we highly recommend reading it while listening to the soundtrack.

Where can you get the “Whitfield, Nebraska” novel by Durden Kell? Glad you asked, it can be found on Amazon here!
The “Whitfield, Nebraska” Soundtrack by Grown Up Avenger Stuff can be found by clicking here!

There’s some exciting, never before released songs on the “Whitfield, Nebraska” Soundtrack, including:

Snow – A song we’ve been wanting to release because we’ve recieved some fan love (and a tear or two) when this one has been played at shows.

Love Please – a crowd favorite, and one that’s been requested enough that we are very happy to finally be able to make it available.

Here (acoustic) – this is the same song from Alive, but with a new piano arrangement with an acoustic feel. It’s transformed the emotion of the song and is worth a listen. Plus, you get to hear Hunter on piano and Tyler on acoustic guitar.

Crooked Lines – A little different from our usual sound, with more harmonies and a message, “don’t wait for the future”

Wasting The Light – this one is hot off the presses after being mixed by Mark Needham (he also mixed Imagine Dragons and The Killers)

There are 12 songs on the CD, including two previously released singles (You Never Know, The River) and five from our previous albums.

Interested? Go no further, the “Whitfield, Nebraska” Soundtrack is available just by clicking here!  (If you add all the MP3’s to your cart, for a limited time, you can purchase them all for $9, or all the higher quality WAV’s for $12)


Upcoming Show/Regional Tour Dates

We are off the road for the rest of 2015. We will miss you all, but we will be busy working on finishing up our next CD, Eclectica.
It’ll drop (as they say) in February 2016!

[– last updated 27 October 2015]

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When you flash that smile…

Canada. We love you. K-Days in Edmonton was amazing and we did our best to make the US proud as we headlined the North Stage.

So what’s next?

indie-week-canada-2015 October sees us in Toronto for Indie Week Canada and we are super excited to play both for the first time!
Before we head out of the country, we have a headlining show at The Visulite in Charlotte, NC!

Fan favorites Beitthemeans are joining us, as is the rocking, Boston based Stone Giant.


image credit:

image credit:


Something exciting and new to us is happening between The Visulite show and the Indie Week Canada shows…

We are going to EUROPE!!  We start in Italy, then head to Poland, the Baltics, and end in Finland to hang out with friends and play some shows!


Upcoming Show/Regional Tour Dates


  • 9 Sep : The Rock Shop : Fayetteville, NC : 8p (it’s a PARTY!)
  • 10 Sep : ReverbNation *private show* : Raleigh, NC (w/ Sweet Leda)
  • 12 Sep : The Dev : Utica, NY : 10p : Utica Music & Arts Fest
  • 19 Sep : The Visulite : Charlotte, NC : 8p (w/ Beitthemeans, Stone Giant)
  • 24 Sep :  Rusty Rudder : Dewey Beach, DE : midnight : Dewey Beach Music Festival


  • 2 Oct : Pulp : Parma, Italy
  • 6 Oct : Mokomoko (VENUE CHANGE: Rock Side 99) : Warsaw, Poland
  • 7 Oct : Klub Depo : Riga, Latvia
  • 8 Oct : Red Emperor Bar : Tallinn, Estonia
  • 10 Oct : Side Bar : Helsinki, Finland


  • 14 Oct : The Bovine : Toronto, ON : Indie Week Canada (1st show)
  • 15 Oct : The Bovine : Toronto, ON : Indie Week Canada (2nd show)
  • 16 Oct : tba : Toronto, ON :  Indie Week Canada (3rd show)


  • 22 Oct : Sky City : Augusta, GA : (w/ Kick The Robot)
  • 23 Oct : Radio Room : Greenville, SC : 9p
  • 24 Oct : The Sparrow : North Charleston, SC : 8p

[– last updated 2 October 2015]
Please check back, as more shows will be added soon!

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Whitfield, Nebraska (a soundtrack)

Whitfield, NE – the Album for the Novel

Indie Rock Band Grown Up Avenger Stuff Announces Joint Project With Novelist

Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC8/29/2015 — Crime novel “Whitfield, Nebraska,” by author Angela K. Durden, will feature original lyrics supporting the storyline and characters’ motivations, written by Deirdre Kroener, and performed by her band Grown Up Avenger Stuff. Lyrics will be inserted between select chapters. Live music download links will be available only in e-book format, though links in print copies will be easy to access online.

“I’m a big fan of the band. So, when I was looking at additional ways to differentiate my book from other crime novels, I thought it would be cool to provide a soundtrack to it. Sort of like a movie you can hold in your hand. I sent a prepub manuscript to the band’s manager, Erica Thomsen, along with my idea,” said author Angela K. Durden. “Erica loved the book, thought the idea had legs, and we shook hands.

“I’ve always been one who believes in serving the reader a great experience. I’m so tired of characters that must stop the bad guy or else the world will implode,” Durden said. “Attention to story integrity, tight editing, and believable everyday people working with limitations but who must solve a thorny problem, are the principles by which I write.”

Resurgence of liner notes

“Liner notes for individual songs and on entire albums are making a comeback. So, when Angela approached us with her idea, we immediately saw a great tie-in as our songs tell stories and her book filled in the narrative,” said band manager Erica Thomsen. “For those who purchase the book, they will have the novel itself, plus a lot of extra material to help the reader better bond with the band as our words and music resonate with them.”

Durden is the author of the book “Navigating the New Music Business as a DIY & Indie: Coming Clean with the Down and Dirty”, available through in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Europe, as well as other business and children’s books, and “Twinkle: a memoir.”

She is also CEO of Notes2Bucks LLC, which offers services designed to protect and defend intellectual property rights of creators through

Grown Up Avenger Stuff is a Charlotte, NC, band with a heavy U.S. touring schedule that recently added Canada to its reach. Known for high energy live shows – the rock four-piece attracts a growing and loyal fan base.

Original Press Release here.

The latest information is available on our website here.

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20th Anniversary of Divakar on 106.5 The End !

Twenty years ago in Charlotte, 106.5 FM The End took over the radio airwaves with the latest Rock & Roll tunes. This new station wasn’t entirely devoted to just playing the record labels’ favorite bands, they introduced Divakar and for 90 minutes Charlotte’s local bands got to hear their songs on the radio.

It was amazing.  It still is.

Divakar’s 90 Minutes has since grown to 120 minutes of local and regional bands.

We have been honored to have had several songs in rotation and been in the studio a few times for interviews and live performances.

To celebrate, Divakar is throwing a Party!  Bands include (alphabetical order): Bum’s Lie (reunion), Grown Up Avenger Stuff, ISH, Lü Fjord (semi-reunion), Radio Lola, The Sammies, Tattermask, The Waves, and The Funky Geezer

Divakar Anniversary Show!

20th Anniversary Show!

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