Indie Rock Band Grown Up Avenger Stuff Announces Joint Project With Novelist

29 August 2015 – Full Press Release here on the alliance!


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London Tone Music  celebrates the release of “You Never Know” by Grown Up Avenger Stuff, the 44th single release… — click here to read full release


Kind Words from the Press

Selected Breakout Artist Picks For 2014, June 2014 – featured in: Beneath The Grid

Beneath The Grid - Breakout Artist Picks For 2014

Beneath The Grid – Breakout Artist Picks For 2014

Featured in Charlotte Observer, Dec 2013:
“The band’s willingness to take risks sonically and theatrically made it an exciting local act to follow. … ‘They’re becoming their own influence. I love bands that begin influencing themselves. They aren’t afraid to get up and be themselves. If you look back at the things that moved us over the years, it’s bands like that.’ says Grammy-winning producer Bruce Irvine”
– Courtney Devores – Charlotte Observer

The band’s electric sound hits you hard and up front without any of the flash … Singer Deirdre Kroener has some of the best rock vocals in town …

their fan base will build quickly.”
– Jeff Hahne – Music Editor, Creative Loafing

“Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s a definite “who to see” on the
upcoming Charlotte band listings.”


Some reviews of our CD, “Sparkleton”, released in 2013:
“So stop reading this review, go listen to it and buy it.”
“Their new album wastes no time in establishing the band as a force to be reckoned with in the music world”
“In short… they rock.”
“Clearly electrifying, the[y] have fans showing up in droves to hear them as they make their way onto various stages.”
” ‘Do ya want it?’ Yup and so should you.”
“We’ll take it. And more, please!”
” tracks could easily be used on the big screen, TV and to get laid, no matter what your sexual orientation.”
“With influences ranging sporadically from The Beatles to Rage Against The Machine, the band’s newest effort is as diverse and interesting as that inspirational span would lead you to believe.”
“GUAS delivered an outstanding album”
“Sparkleton is a solid primer for the band’s sound and style.”
“the fusion of styles providing more of a kick in the pants than what you’d expect from today’s indie rock”
“The instrumental ability of the band is intense… [and the] vocals work perfectly to provide that added oomph”
“a breath of fresh air in an overblown indie rock scene”
“an anthemic serenade to how music affects emotion through the medium…upbeat and uplifting”
“you realize you don’t know what to call what you’re hearing, but you know you want to hear more.”
“Sparkleton shines with a crushing hard rock glow that is a good omen for the future of this band.”
“Quirky, fun, and surprisingly intense”
“The vocals and every single instrument are strong and fearless”
“If you haven’t gotten your daily dose of rock ‘n’ roll, be sure to check out Sparkleton for an assured good time.”
“romp through guitar-centered rock and wispy vocals.”
The Levity Ball
“songs that are so intense and multifaceted that the listener has a tough time deciding which one is the best”
Some reviews of our 2nd CD, “Alive”, released August 2012:
“out and out brilliant”
“Infectious energy runs rampant… What a sweet surprise it is!”
“…soaring and deliciously powerful…”
“..armed with awesome..”
“…these superheroes are indeed real.”
“it’s obvious to see how they’ve accrued so many accolades”
“Exploding into your world from track one…”
“… nice to hear honest to God rock ‘n roll again.”
Mondo Cult
“Beautiful noise by a band that slays on so many levels…”
All Whats Rock
“If you wanted to invest a nascent fandom in a band before they caught on in the mainstream, GUAS is a great choice.”
“If you’re a fan of Queens of The Stone Age, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and/or Dead Sara, you must have a listen”
“Reminiscent of bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Florence and the Machine, GUAS boldly goes where every underground rock band should go.”
Other Press Releases:

Aug 12, 2012 – Charlotte, NC – Grown Up Avenger Stuff releases second CD, “Alive” to positive reviews.  Video for single, “Now”, on
Jul 14, 2010 – New York, NY – Charlotte, NC – Powerhouse record label Spectra Records signs rock band Grown Up Avenger Stuff
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