Song: Disagreements With Gravity
By: Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Album: Disagreements With Gravity (2010)

I do so love you all
It's said before the fall the pride will go
But I lost all my pride so very long ago
And I've grown fond of drowning in the undertow
From birth it is we yearn
But to the earth we shall all return
We live and love and with luck we learn
And maybe for a while we can elevate (hmmm..)
I don't really try to fly, man
I don't mind the SLAM to the ground
I don't know if I better like the rise or the fall
But I do know I've never been so high as I am right now
and I do so love you all
I'm so sorry
sorry to the ground
for being stuck between me
and my
disagreements with gravity. 

Words and Music Copyright (C) 2010 Grown Up Avenger Stuff, all rights reserved.