Song: Here
By: Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Album: Alive (2012) & Whitfield Nebraska - a Soundtrack (2016)*

It's so simple, it's so clear.
It's apparent - I can't stay here.

I didn't know, I gotta go, I am wrong, I don't belong,
Gonna get caught before too long, and you want me to come along.

And you took my hand.

It's so crazy that I trust you. But I do.
It's been forever since I've seen you.

Didn't work out the last time, but here we are on this fast ride.
Gonna burn burn burn this lovers flame - makes me feel alive
and I wanna feel it again.

And you do that to me.


It's almost over, so hold on.
It's been a life time, how we've grown!

You kissed my face, I kicked your leg,
your father died, my hair went grey.
You kept my soul safe from the rain
and I'll never leave you again.

I love you.

* 2016 acoustic release

Words and Music Copyright (C) 2012 Grown Up Avenger Stuff, all rights reserved.