Song: Morning Noon and Night
By: Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Album: Alive (2012) & Whitfield Nebraska - a Soundtrack (2016)

You traded your guitar
for some bullets and a horse
You say you hate to use that gun
but your hands been forced

You already lit the match
your memories are all in flames
You say there's no turnin' back
and nobody's playin no games

Morning noon and night
through the heat of burnin hell
You're lookin for a fight
You've got a thirst you cannot quell

Mornin noon and night
you're seeking your revenge
You say you're not long for this life
and you're going to find its end!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

You dont dream no more
When you do it all turns red
You dont see my face
You look right through my head

- to the horizon
and the sun that's comin up
I am going with you
I'm not gonna give up

Morning noon and night
Where you going I will follow
I won't let you out of my sight
I will be your shadow

Morning noon and night
through the blood sweat and tears
We will ride through your darkest nights
for years and years and years

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Morning noon and night

Words and Music Copyright (C) 2012 Grown Up Avenger Stuff, all rights reserved.