Song: Pins
By: Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Album: Sparkleton (2013)

I'm walking on pins and needless things
that need no heeding, no seeding
and I'm falling in two feet deep
I'm tearing up my knees in shallow water
I can't crawl much farther
And I'm thrashing and throwing fists
not landing any hits because I know...

The only way to win is to give in and let it go
Let it go... Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!


I'm tripping on particles of smoke and mirrors
it should be much clearer
and I am paralyzed hands down to my side
with chains of paper
and I'm trapped inside a darkened room
but the door is open
And I'm crashing and breaking things
that I made by hand - irreplaceable - irreplaceable

and I will never win because to begin is to give in and
Let it go... Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

Let it.... Let it.... GO!

Words and Music Copyright (C) 2013 Grown Up Avenger Stuff, all rights reserved.