Song: Some Of Us
By: Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Album: Sparkleton (2013) & Whitfield Nebraska - a Soundtrack (2016)

Don't be so hard on yourself
If it wasn't you, it'd be somebody else
We all have to amputate some of our parts
So we can relate

And it seems like some of us cut off a lot less
But hey! They don't bleed.
And it seems like some of us, we don't get that far
because we don't feel the need
I need to bleed because I - I have dreams

Don't feel so bad
Everyone leaves, nothing lasts
We all do what we have to do
Who am I to try to stop you?

And it seems like all is lost but it's really not
if you know deep down inside
that you sacrificed for what you know is right
and you really tried
I need to feel so that I know I'm real

I try. I try.

Words and Music Copyright (C) 2013 Grown Up Avenger Stuff, all rights reserved.