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Featured in Charlotte Observer, Dec 2013:
"The band's willingness to take risks sonically and theatrically made it an exciting local act to follow. … They're becoming their own influence. I love bands that begin influencing themselves. They aren't afraid to get up and be themselves. If you look back at the things that moved us over the years, it's bands like that.' says Grammy-winning producer Bruce Irvine” – Courtney Devores – Charlotte Observer

2016 after mixing songs on Eclectica:
"I love what this band is doing. They have a very unique sound and they ROCK!" - Mark Needham, world renowned Grammy nominated engineer (The Killers, Imagine Dragons)

2017 after mixing new single A.I.M.:
"Not only do Grown Up Avenger Stuff have one the the best band names ever they also make your ear holes smile! Seriously, they f**king rock!" - Marc McClusky, multi platinum award winning producer (Weezer, Sia)

Music Reviews

"[W]hen their new single started to play from my laptop speakers my first thought was, 'This is what Rush would sound like with a powerful female vocalist.' "
- (about 2017 single A.I.M)

"If rock n' roll isn't dangerous and mysterious enough for you anymore, Eclectica should give you the fix that you've been sorely lacking. 9 out of 10 stars."
- Music Existence (about the 2016 CD: Eclectica)

"songs that are so intense and multifaceted that the listener has a tough time deciding which one is the best"
– (about the 2013 CD: Sparkleton)

"Infectious energy runs rampant… What a sweet surprise it is!"
– Indie-Mag (about the 2011 EP: Alive)

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